June 6th, 2010

SMAP ☂ Kimura sleepy

Week 105 ☆ Submission

With so many groups releasing new albums this summer, the theme for Week #105 will be 'Album Covers.' For this theme, you must make your icon using a scan from the cover of any album by a debuted JE group or the solo album of a member of a debuted group. It can be ONLY the cover of an album. Scans from singles will not be accepted. Also, booklet scans other than the front cover are not allowed.

Please interpret the theme freely! We encourage wide interpretation. Be sure, however, that your icon fits the theme. If you feel that your icon may need explanation, please explain; it will help us determine the suitability of your submission. If you have questions about the theme or the validity of your interpretation, please feel free to contact us. If your icon does not fit the theme, we will inform you. You will have until the submission deadline to correct it.

☆ You may submit up to THREE icons, with any combination of themes. Please be sure your icons contain all necessary details.
☆ Your icon must fit LJ's size standards: 100x100 or smaller, 40 kb or smaller, and in .jpg, .png, or .gif formats.
☆ Please make your icons *fresh* for this challenge.
☆ Do not advertise your icons, and do not use or display them elsewhere until after the challenge is over and winners have been declared. This icontest does not allow cross-submission.
☆ To submit, reply normally to this screened post with the image and URL of your icon. If for any reason you need to resubmit, please delete your prior submission comment before posting a new one.
Icons are due by Friday, June 11th, at NOON CDT (UTC -6). If you're confused about the timezone, please check here.

Your comment to this post should be formatted somewhat like this;

URL: http://i36.tinypic.com/24xo2uc.jpg

Thank you!