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Week 110 ☆ Voting

If you wish to vote, please reply to screened post with your three favorite icons in order of preference.

Your votes should look like:
01, 02, 03



☆ You can see the themes at the original submission post here.
☆ Vote according to what best represents the theme, not who is on the icon or who you think made the icon!
☆ You cannot vote for your own icons.
☆ You can only vote for an icon once, meaning if you voted for an icon to be either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice, you cannot vote for it again in the special category.

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Voting will end on Tuesday, October 26th at MIDNIGHT CST (GMT -6). If you're confused about the timezone, please check here.
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Week 110 ☆ Submission - ECHO and LIFE

Here is the first submission post of the new challenge format~ :D Since there are two themes per challenge, I'm increasing the number of submissions from three to four. You can make four icons all from one theme or the other, or mix and match and make icons from both themes. Sometimes the two themes will be related, but other times they will be completely random. You do NOT need to include both themes in the same icon.

☆ THEME ONE; The first theme for this challenge is ECHO. For this theme, you could echo icon elements, include the word 'echo' in icon text, or take a more abstract interpretation of the theme.

☆ THEME TWO; The second theme for this challenge is LIFE ~ Menomae no Muko e ~. For this theme, your icon has to be based on Kanjani8's LIFE ~ Menomae no Muko e ~ single. You can use single scans, lyrics, shop photos, or screencaps from the PV. I was going to provide screencaps, but I can't seem to find a version of the PV that my screencap software will play nice with. >.<;;

Please feel more than free to interpret the themes how you would like! We encourage wide interpretation. Be sure, however, that your icon fits the theme. If you feel that your icon may need explanation, please explain; it will help us determine the suitability of your submission. If you have questions about the theme or the validity of your interpretation, please feel free to contact me. If your icon does not fit the theme, we will inform you. You will have until the submission deadline to correct it.

Johnny's member(s)/group(s) featured:

☆ You're allowed to submit up to 4 icons total. You can make four icons from one theme, four from the other, or a mix and match from both themes.
☆ All icons must be newly made and meeting LJ requirements (up to 100x100 pixels and less than 40 kb).
☆ Upload your icon somewhere where hotlinking is enabled (photobucket, tinypic, etc).
☆ Please make your icons *fresh* for this challenge.
☆ Do not advertise your icons, and do not use or display them elsewhere until after the challenge is over and winners have been declared. This icontest does not allow cross-submission.
☆ To submit, reply normally to this screened post with the image and URL of your icon. If for any reason you need to resubmit, please delete your prior submission comment before posting a new one.

Icon submissions must be received by Friday, October 22nd at Noon (GMT -6). If you're confused about the timezone, please check here.
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Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. Life and time got away from me. >.>;; Now that I have things under control again, I'm prodding the comm back into life, but with a few changes. Because I know that a lot of us have busy lives, the submission period is going to be two weeks, instead of one. Since there will only be two submission periods per month, I'm going to post two different themes for each challenge. Hopefully this will give people more time and inspiration to submit icons and increase the number of entries for every challenge. :)

Another note, the tags list is starting to get a little long and unwieldy, so I'm working on moving older posts into the community memories. Once I'm done, the posts for Week 001 to Week 100 can be found using the memories and the tags will be deleted. Every post tagged Week 101 or later will be tagged as normal.

The new challenge post will be posted sometime later today. :D